Pat Jeffers...
     contemporary, non-objective paintings
              reflecting life through form
Aperture.jpg Pat_Hauling_Wood_June_6-2016_for_web.jpgSpecial_Art_Show_Basalt_6-16-09_web.jpg

In technical terms I am a non-objective, formalist painter.  But what does that mean and why do I paint that way?  Non-objective art is a form of abstraction in which the artist is not referencing any physical objects, perhaps inspired by something observed, but with no attempt to represent it, not even a very simplified representation.


As to why I paint this way, it's simply a natural continuation of the path I was on for over 20 years as a wicker basketmaker and fiber sculptor.  My woven artwork explored color, shape and line as well as rhythm, balance and flow.  My paintings continue that journey with a visual vocabulary that comes directly from my weaving.

Artist's Statement...

A formalist is a visual artist who focuses on form, color and composition, in other words the basic elements of painting, rather than other considerations such as narrative meaning or social comment.  My paintings are a dialogue between the elements of painting.  I am fascinated by the endless ways those elements can interact with each other.